Minggu, 02 Mei 2010

drifting - andy mckee cover

setelah kira2 1 bulan berlatih dengan niat sekeras baja sedalam lautan, akhirnya bisa juga main ni lagu walopun masi ga perfect

Rabu, 07 April 2010

why do i like guitar???

Why do I like guitar??

Ngg. . I’ve heard this questions so many times from my friends. And I can only say that “ I don’t know either. I just like to play it all the time, like when I’m happy, I’m in love, or even when I’m sad, I’ m heartbreak and blablabla. Actually this reasons wasn’t quiet satisfied me but still I didn’t know the answer yet .
But then a few days ago, something terrible happened…

I didn’t have anymore ice cream in my freezer!! Arggh shittt.. hahah just kidding :D

The truth is, suddenly I got an answer for the question “why do I like guitar?” The answer is quite simple though hahahaha

Do yoou wanna know the answer???
Are you sure you want to know the answer??


(sorry if you think that I;m crazy, cause it’s been a while since I posted my last blog so I kinda want to write as long as I can )

okayy.. the answer is

Guitar is how I talk to people.

Is it to cliché?? I don’t know but let me tell you my reason. It’s a long one so you’d better close this page if you don’t wanna waste your time reading some freak-ie‘s blog hahahha

Noww let start my story.

i’ve been playing guitar for 9 years. So I had been introduced to guitar by my father since I was 10(I’ve heard my father played since I was born though). And then suddenly the bond between me and guitar came out and I’ve started to love it. When I got to junior high school,, my guitar skill was nothing(literally, I could only play basic chord like C-D-E-F-G-A-B and some minor chord). In my junior high school time, I also only got a few friends who also liked guitar. So, everyday I bring my guitar, buy some guitar magazine, and play some songs.
Eventually, almost all of my friends in junior high like music. And when there was a new acoustic music got famous, they always asked to whether I could play the song or not. Sometimes I could, and most of the times I couldn’t hahhaa. . it felt sad when I couldn’t play the song they wanted. But the thing is,

It felt like a worker got their monthly wages, a soccer player made a goal, a student got a 100 on their exam, or even somebody who got jackpot. It felt really really great and since then, my only goal from playing my guitar is to make people sing with me, to make people dance with me, to make people happy with me, to make people talk to me.

Are you some kind a psycho that always need a guitar to talk to somebody?? Maybe yes maybe not. The truth is I am an introvert person, but my own style of introvert. Don’t think too much, people! I;m not a nerd!!! I do have friends. A lot of good friends, and if you don’t believe, check my photos on facebook hahahhaha. But actually I am the silent type of friends who most of the time will choose listening to somebody than speaking to somebody. I like talking too but I don’t know if had to choose between guitar and speaking to people, I’ll choose the guitar. So sometimes when people talking to each other, I’d rather play my guitar alone. It’s not that im such an introvert people, but I think I don’t really appreciate the art of talking. But I do have a desire to interact with people with something different. So my only answer is with my guitar. Because with my guitar ,I can play the song people like and make them sing with me .

I think playing guitar is interesting. Because, when you’ve just met a new guy usually you don’t know what they like and what do you both want to talk about. but with guitar, you don’t need to think a lot about it and just start strumming your guitar and let the guitar talk to the people. And what happen after it?? The magic starts dude! Keep in your mind this magical words.
when a guitar being strummed, there is always one head goes down and up and down again enjoying the rythym.”

did you realize it???? let's see an example. have you ever gone to a camp or to a retreat(i don't know the english vocab of retreat--> it is some kind of gathering activity in a place for 3 - 4 days so there will be a lot of new people in this kind of activity). in this kind of event, whenever a guitar played, there will be a crowd of people sing together without being shy of nervous and just enjoying the music! thats what i mean by "let the guitar talk'.

finally i got no words left in my mind to continue this post, so now i think it is enough for today. be patient guys! in 1-2 weeks, i will post my new cover hahhaha

Kevin Tedjosugondo

Selasa, 08 Desember 2009


beberapa hari ini gw tergila dengan artis gabe bondoc. bukan karena dia ganteng. tapi karena dia jago abis mainnya. karena itu sebagai penikmat musik, gw langsung browse semua lagu di youtube dan karena gw bisa main gitar dikit2, ya udah gw pelajarin deh lagunya bahkan ampe telat ikut pelajaran kidas gara2 asik main gitar. akhirnya gw menemukan 3 lagu utama dia yaitu : gentlemen don't , my life my love my everything, dan summertime. lalu gw berencana(semoga berhasil) buat ngerekam ni lagu dengan siapapun yang tertarik nyanyi ni lagu sedangkan gw main gitar. grr ga sabarr tapi harus nunggu uas. YA UDA FOKUS UAN! sabar ya gitarku akan kupetik dirimu dengan lantang!



i've been thinking bout you
to try to get you off my mind
i've tried everytime i try
i failed to make any progress
buy mines i only see you
i swear i dont swear
but i promise its true you
keep my mind so ocupied
ina busy besutiful way

hey well i met you in
the summertime
and i never had summer better
then the one i met you girl
i met you in the summer time
though you keep me in mind
cuz your always on mine

you know how i know shes got style
its in the way she walks
and its in the way she smiles
and tha way she rockin ahead of their time
all of the time
one day im gonna let go let it out
just flow so my feeling show
im giving you my heart
tie it with a bow
you never had to try you had me at hello

and i met you in the summertime
and i never had a summer better
then the one i met you in girl
oh yeah
i met you in the summer time
do you keep me in mind
cuz your always on mine

all these thoughts i have of you
are wonderful and in every reguard
so when the worlds being a question
makr i can go to a place
that i know is for sure and

i met you in the summertime
and i never had a summer better
then the one i met you in girl
oh yeah
i met you in the summertime
do you keep me in mind
cuz your always in mine